VaLUENTiS Whitepaper Portfolio
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The Value-Based HR Function whitepaper series
The Value-Based HR Function Part I: The HR-star delivery model
The Value-Based HR Function Part II: The HR delivery value curve
The Value-Based HR Function Part III: Real HR transformation

Human Capital reporting whitepaper series
Human Capital reporting: The definitive framework (GHCRS2006)
Human Capital Reporting model template

Human Capital Measurement and Analytics whitepaper series
The Enterprise-wide Application of Human Capital Management Intelligence (HCMi)

Organisation Behaviour whitepaper series
Organisation Engagement: Evaluating your human capital management signature
Effective Organisation Leadership: A case of adopting evidence-based management (EbM)

Talent Management whitepaper series
Managing the Talent Equation: The seven fundamentals of talent management

Employee Engagement whitepaper series
Employee Engagement: The secret of highly performing organisations
Employee Engagement: Transforming employee surveys into workforce intelligence instruments
Employee Engagement: Factors of successful implementation
A Structured Approach to Implementing an 'Employer of Choice' Strategy

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